Zodiac Matches - Native American Zodiac Signs Matches

Zodiac Matches - Native American Zodiac Signs Matches

Know your own Zodiac Matches using the Native American Zodiac Signs.
Here you can see a list that coincides with your zodiac signs matches.
It's commonly known among astrologists that a good place to start, is with
people who share your same sign and/or element. Everywhere you look
this seems to be the general consensus for zodiac matches.

If your an Earth sign for example: find the Native American Zodiac Signs Matches
for the Capricorn signs, Taurus signs and Virgo signs.

Ok here are some Zodiac Matches that I know work from my own life long
experiences with some the Zodiac Signs. Also from research
and books. Just remember that men and women defintely have
different approaches to love and sex.

ARIES signs and SAGITTARIUS signs ( also known as) LONG SNOW MOON
and BUDDING TREES MOON. They seem to be perfect tempermental
Zodiac Matches and have many things in common. If all goes well behind
closed doors (sex life) it should be great elsewhere too. But, ARIES and LEO
are the two superstars of the zodiac.(more below on Leo). As well,

GEMINI signs (CORN PLANTING MOON) and ARIES seem to go fairly well
together. They both love to talk.
ARIES is dynamic and intelligent and GEMINI is versatile and ingenious!
alot and can make some of the Best Zodiac Love Matches of all.
Both air signs, Aquarians are highly social and amusing for conversation.
Also courteous but elusive.

TAURUS signs and CAPRICORN signs (also known as)
that seem to be straight forward and not to complicated
(both earth signs) make good Zodiac matches.
There might not be as much romance as some would prefer,
but plenty of healthy sex! Taureans like built on a firm foundation. As well,

PISCES signs (BIG WINDS MOON) and TAURUS seem to also do well together.
Taurus is the passionate one and Pisces is sensual. Nothing wrong with that.

CANCER signs ( STRONG SUN MOON) and PISCES are the harmonious
Zodiac Signs Matches! Pisceans give much romance and Cancer is the protective
lover Pisces needs. Cancerians are vulnerable and need to know directly that
you care for them. Pisces signs in particular are interested in the arts, books
and dramatics, spiritualism, the supernatural, and reincarnation. CANCER
also works very well with it's other water sign partner SCORPIO.

LEO Signs (RIPE BERRIES MOON) and ARIES very well matched, providing
that once they have figured out who is going to play the leading role
between the two super egos. LEO and SAGITTARIUS can also the Best
Zodiac Love Matches as Sagittarians are interested in almost anything and are
more than glad to let Leo strut. GEMINI and LEO are also known to be
very good together if Gemini can stay faithful!

VIRGO Signs (HARVEST MOON) Your always better off not to try and
over power but to underplay with a Virgo, and always be a good sport.
Likely conversations are work and pets. Also finicky eaters!
A VIRGO being an earth sign as well can do good by both it's CAPRICORN
and TAURUS partners but seems to do well with the water signs
Cancer and Scorpio.

SCORPIO Signs (FREEZE UP MOON) and CANCER are a likely duo as well.
The heat in the bedroom can help cool down the arguments that can
rise between these two jealous signs. SCORPIO"S are well known for
being unpredictable.They always need to know the how and why, and
will require your full attention in conversation. SCORPIO signs are good
Zodiac Matches for Pisces, Capricorns and Virgo's also.

LIBRA Signs (DUCKS FLY MOON) and AQUARIUS are both air signs
and mostly good Zodiac Signs Matches. Librans exist to be admired.
You'll never have to fret about which topics to converse about with them,
and of course there favorite subject is themselves.LIBRA'S are also well suited
for there other air sign partner GEMINI.