Woodpecker Totem Animal - Strong Sun Moon - June 21st to July 22nd


(Strong Sun Moon)(Animal-Flicker- Woodpecker Totem)(Color-Pink)(Plant-Wild Rose)

(Mineral-Carnelian Agate)(Frog Clan)(Water Totem Sign)(Frog Totem Animal)

(Opposite Animal-Snow Goose Totem)

(Spirit Keeper of the South-Shawnodese)(Coyote Totem)

These art prints are approx: 11x14 inch unique reproductions of very detailed colored pencil drawings. On sale now for only $19.79 each. Complete with FREE information sheet for your Animal Totem and Moon sign based on a 12 moon calender year .
Native American Animal Totems meanings, Spirit Keepers, characteristics, traits, abilities and lessons you can learn and have with this Strong Sun Moon Sign and Woodpecker Totem Animal - Flicker Art Print by Ben Morales.

A complete set of all 12 prints are also available at the bottom of this page. These are unique
one of kind gifts to give for Birthdays and Christmas or for any occasion.

Thank you!

Strong Sun Moon(Cancer)

(All artwork protected by U.S.Library of Congress Copyrights-permission only)


1 Set of all 12 Moons