Compatible Moon Signs Astrology

Virgo Sign-Harvest Moon(Brown Bear)

Is one of the Compatible Moon Signs Astrology
for Pisces Sign (Cougar) Big Winds Moon
Also (Snow Goose) Earth Renewal Moon
And (Beaver) Frogs Return Moon

Aug.23rd to Sept.22nd

(Moon-Harvest)(Animal-Brown Bear)(Color-Purple)(Plant-Violet)

(Mineral-Amethyst)(Opposite Animal-Cougar)(Clan-Turtle)(Water Sign Symbol)

(Spirit Keeper of the South-Shawnodese)(Coyote)

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The Twelve Moons of the Medicine Wheel,
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Native California Artist Ben Morales will be 70 years of age in April of 2010!
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Harvest Moon(Virgo)

(All artwork protected by U.S.Library of Congress Copyrights-permission only)

Brown Bear People ..> ..> Earth Astrology

Birth Dates ............. August 22nd - September 21st

Earth Influence ...... Harvest Moon - The Harvesting Time

Totem - Coyote ...... Shawnodese - Spirit Keeper of the South

Influencing Wind - The South winds

Direction - South South West

Element - Earth With Water

Elemental ............... Turtle Clan (Earth)

Function - To Modify

Birth & Animal Totem ........ Brown Bear

Plant Totem - Violets

Mineral Totem - Amethyst

Polarity Totem - Cougar

Affinity Color - Purple (Violet)

Musical Vibration - G Natural

Personality .... Industrious, unassuming, practical, & fastidious

Feelings - Warm and analytical

Nature -Considerate

Intention -Practicality

Positive Traits -Modest, discriminating and meticulous

Negative Traits -Faultfinding, finicky, hypocritical, & fussy

Sex Drive Moralistic

Compatibility's ....... Snow Geese and Beavers

Conscious Aim - Sifting and Striving

Subconscious Desire - Perfection

Life Path - Discrimination

Spiritual Alchemy - Yin Predominates

Should Cultivate ..... Optimism and Tolerance

Should Avoid ...... Skepticism, faultfinding and procrastination