Your True Astrology Sign

For those of you who are a Pisces Sign
Born under Big Winds Moon
Your True Astrology Sign
Your Birth and Totem Animals is a Cougar
For the rest of your chart see below!

Feb.19th to Mar.20th

(Moon-Big Winds)(Animal-Cougar)(Color-Turqouis)(Plant-Plantain)

(Mineral-Turqouis)(Opposite Animal-Brown Bear)(Clan-Frog)(Water Sign Symbol)

(Spirit Keeper of the North-Waboose)(Buffalo)

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Big Winds Moon(Pisces)

(All artwork protected by U.S.Library of Congress Copyrights-permission only)

Cougar People ..> ..> Earth Astrology

Birth Dates ............. February 19th - March 20th

Earth Influence ...... Big Winds Moon - The Blustery Winds Time

Influencing Wind .... The North wind

Totem - Buffalo ....... Waboose - Spirit Keeper of the North

Direction - The North North East Winds

Element - Water with Air

Elemental ............... Frog Clan (Water)

Function - Recovery

Birth & Animal Totem - Cougar

Plant Totem - Plantain

Mineral Totem - Turquois

Polarity Totem - Brown Bear

Affinity Color ......... Blue Green - Turquois

Musical Vibration F sharp an octave above Salmon

Personality ........ Compassionate, benevolent, generous, artistic & gentle

Feelings - Deep

Intention - Understanding

Nature - Trusting

Positive Traits ........ Sympathetic, Adaptable, Impressionable & sensitive

Negative Traits ....... Impractical, Vague, Timid & indecisive

Sex Drive Tender

Compatibility's ....... Woodpecker, Brown Bears & Snakes

Conscious Aim - Freedom

Subconscious Desire - Identity

Life Path - Love

Spiritual Alchemy - Yin Predominates

Should Cultivate ..... Intuition, creativity and Understanding

Should Avoid ......... Timidity, indolence & impracticality